Although falling in love may just happen, having a loving relationship doesn't

How To Always Have Your Man Hopelessly, Madly, and Passionately In Love With You!

If you're currently unhappy in your relationship, this master class program will change your life as the knowledge is derived from thousands of real life happy and successful couples. Start today!

This is not to say that some relationships are better off being discarded and our research shows couples often give up way too early and the ones with some knowledge, patience, flexibility and perseverance, have a much higher chance of being in a loving and fulfilling relationship

An Introduction to Awaken Their Passion

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Ernie Sulovic

Hi, I’m Ernie Sulovic (owner of Everlast Therapies and Published Author, nee Rohrbacher). I’ve had my own relationship problems in the past, and now, after years of training and self improvement, I’m in a happy and healthy relationship. And I know I can help you get there too!


I want to help as many couples as possible on their journey to a happier relationship. If you're one of the many who are struggling, I hope to see you in one of my sessions!


  • Constantly arguing

  • Not getting along and losing that loving feeling

  • At the point where the spark has gone and you wonder if you still love them

  • Feeling as if you have lost who you are

  • Bored out of your brain and the fun, laughter and giggles have gone

  • Confused about your relationship or suffering from being cheated on

  • Feeling distant, living like virtual strangers and not doing things together like you used to

  • With a partner who more "exists" in the relationship as compared to "being" in it

  • Unhappy, unfulfilled or dissatisfied in your relationship and hence thinking of separating from or divorcing your partner… Stop!

Because this program was made for you...


* This is not talk therapy like what a Counselor or Psychologist would use. I am talking about the literal letting go and being free emotionally, mentally and with bad habits being replaced with more empowering ones. A variety of techniques are used to ensure you get the results you want and are comfortable with. Please note: For therapy outside of Group Therapy session times, students receive a 30% discount off the standard rate. Please ask for details.

  • 9 hour audio program (One and a half hours, once a week, over 6 weeks)

  • Master class for women only, which is practical and fun, that teaches you how to understand men

  • Workbooks provided with each session

  • Weekly assignments given to reinforce what you have learnt and integrate as part of your daily life

  • Listen to the Audio Program at any time that is suitable to you. Listen to it on your mobile phone, tablet, iPod, stereo or desktop

  • Each lesson is divided into 2 parts, each being 30-45 minutes long for ease of listening and retention. Listen to it in your car, on the bus, train etc on your way to work, during your lunch break, or on your way home where you can implement the assignment immediately into your relationship

  • Attend up to 6 interactive weekly drop in Q&A sessions, where you can provide feedback and share your experiences with others, ask questions, receive answers to aid in clarity and better understanding, learn from others experiences, and make new friends

  • Join our free live optional weekly synergistic Group Therapy session* for the duration of the audio program to start you on the road of being free of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, that may be preventing you from having the magical relationship you want, in a safe, confidential and secure environment

  • 20 person cap for the Q & A and Group Therapy sessions, so I can deliver the best value possible to each and every person

  • 6 low cost weekly payments for ease of budgeting. Or pay upfront for instant access to all material at a discounted rate.

  • Once you have completed the full audio programme you will receive lifetime support

  • Complete relationship package including coaching, group therapy sessions, interactive Q&A sessions and lifetime support for one extremely low price


  • Understand the need and role of conflict in your relationship

  • What to do about his good side vs bad side

  • How the concept of opposites-attract operates to benefit your relationship

  • How to minimize problems in your relationship

  • Discover the harm of conditional love vs unconditional love

  • Why we fall in-love and use it to stay in-love

  • How to use the 3 A’s to have him feel like a man and where he’d do nearly anything for you to be happy 

  • Communicate and share on a deeper level than ever before

  • Have yourself be happy, responsible for your life, and keep who you truly are

  • Uncover the power of touch and how it stimulates health and healing

  • Find out how to work as a team

          • What to do about guilt

          • Stand up for your own standards with values, morals, beliefs and boundaries

          • Minimise boredom by introducing variety and surprise

          • The value of humour and being playful

          • How to affair-proof your relationship

          • Discover if you are with the right person

          • Learn to see things from your point of view as well as his, and hence notice things from a much more objective place

          • Fulfill him emotionally like no other woman, where he is more willing to give you what you need and want

            • How to bring out the best in your partner

            • If you want to start feeling close again, how to stop doing any number of 19 things that are hurting him, especially if you are unaware of it, where he has distanced himself from you

            • The secrets that will teach your man what romance is all about

             How to re-ignite the feelings of love, warmth, closeness, communication, fun, romance and passion

             Have a love-affair with your partner, because if you don’t, somebody else will

             Feel enthusiastic about your relationship

             Be the owner, creator and designer of your own happiness

             Create magical moments that will last a lifetime

             How to always have your man be hopelessly, madly and passionately in love with you.


            You deserve to have a man who loves you with their whole heart and soul; worships the ground you walk on, and will do anything to have you happy. This wont happen by chance or luck or by being at the right place at the right time. It is about discovering how different your needs are from his and how you can live a life filled with more love and happiness than you ever dreamed of before....

            COURSE VALUE


            DID YOU KNOW?

            Past statistics have shown that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. The average cost of a divorce is $15,000 per person. 

            Here in Australia, if you were to go to get divorced, the initial payment to file your application is approximately AUD$1000. Then each of you, taking averages into consideration, would be paying a Divorce Lawyer, AUD$550 per hour. You have already reached $2000 before anything really begins.

            It takes on average 14 visits to a Counselor to fix one relationship issue at US$195 per session = US$2730. For US$894, you will recieve therapy, coaching and lifetime support

            Course Value

              • Full price of the Program featuring audio lessons with companion workbook, valued at US$2400

              • 6 weekly optional Q&A sessions, valued at US$1170

              • 6 weekly optional Group Therapy sessions, valued at US$1170

              • Free Lesson 7 valued at US$400

              • Certificate of Achievement, in your name, valued at US$50

              • Free personal 12 months ongoing phone and email support, valued at US$500

              • Free Exclusive membership to our Private Facebook Group, Awaken His Passion - Graduate, with more information than what is in the program as well as a Weekly Advice Column where you can ask for advice
                or guidance with any relationship issues from myself and other qualified Graduates. 
                Valued at US$1000

              Giving a total Value of: US$6690.

              P A Y M E N T    O P T I O N S

              1. Purchase your programme on a week by week basis.

              2. Purchase your complete programme upfront.

              3. Purchase both complete programmes for you and your partner, upfront.

              YOUR FIRST STEPS TO A

              Transformed Relationship

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              • Watch our full length masterclass including a copy of the complete transcript.

              • Sign up to our programme Awaken His Passion

              • Join our dedicated student Facebook Group Awaken His Passion - Undergraduate for continued support during the course.

              • After going through each lesson, attend our free optional weekly drop in Q&A session. If you miss it, it will be posted on our Facebook group.

              • Following this, stay online to attend our free optional Group Therapy session.

              • Once graduated, take advantage of the following course bonuses.

              COURSE BONUSES

              Amongst the above items, also enjoy the following exclusive course bonuses.

              • A Free Certificate of Achievement, in your name, valued at US$50

              • Free personal 12 months ongoing phone and email support, valued at US$500

              • Together with Lesson 6, receive for Free, Lesson 7, with extra information, tactics, techniques, tips and strategies to use in your relationships, valued at US$400

              • Free Exclusive membership to our Facebook Group, Awaken Her Passion – Graduate, with more information than what is in the program as well as a Weekly Advice Column where you can ask for advice or guidance with any relationship issues from myself and other qualified Graduates, and not some stranger down the street who could have no idea. Lifetime support. Valued at US$1000



              Here's what others have to say about this program...

              We now communicate on a deeper level. We understand each others’ feelings. There is a closeness I never thought possible.

              Marrianne B.

              Such amazing reading and interesting results with Awaken His Passion, I highly recommend Ernie and his solutions, friendly and professional.

              Angie M.

              I like myself a whole lot better and not only has my personal relationship improved yet also my professional life as well.​

              Rebecca M.

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